Common Thread / Richard Brown Lethem: For Jackie


Common Thread

Considered the crown jewel of the Museums of Old York’s collection, the Bulman Bedhangings are one of the most important examples of early eighteenth century needlework. They are valued not only for their workmanship but for their design, color, condition and history. Curator Mary Harding invited artists to observe the hangings first hand, read background information and form there respond artistically.

Exhibiting Artists: Jessyca Broekman, Pam Brown, Peter Brown, Robin Cody, Sara Crisp, Grant Drumheller, Kate Emlen, Roger Goldenberg, Kathy Hanson, Katherine Herman Harding, Sherrill Hunnibell, Susan MacDougall, Maureen Mills, Gary Haven Smith and Steven Zoldak

Richard Brown Lethem

For Jackie

After twenty-five one person exhibitions nationally, Richard ‘Brown’ Lethem has devoted a year transfixed by love, to produce this group of small scale, informal paintings. Spontaneity, joy and exuberance were the active ingredients.