Hold Everything / Alan Rushing: After School Special


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Hold Everything

An exhibition of images and things that hold, contain and give order to our lives.

Exhibiting Artists: Terry Braun, Gordon Carlisle, Kit Cornell, Grant Drumheller, Sharon Dugan, Deborah Ellis, Pamela Hansen, Lissa Hunter, Elizabeth Johansson, Kevin Keiser, David Leach, Elizabeth Mayor, Karen Orsillo, Carole Rabe, Lois Russell, Scott Schnepf, Michael Stasiuk, Carol Stein, Simon Van der Ven, Don Williams and Leah Woods

Alan Rushing

After School Special

Alan Rushing recently completed a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire. He is sincerely committed to his art and painting and we are pleased to give him this one person show to help him along his way.