Gordon Carlisle / Barbara Sullivan

June 6 – July 12

Gordon Carlisle: Of Two Minds

Barbara Sullivan: All the Comforts of Home

Opening Reception Saturday, June 6, 5-7 pm

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Gordon Carlisle

Of Two Minds

Gordon Carlisle is well known as a muralist, however this exhibition focuses on his paintings, mixed media works and collages which are the foundation of his artistic practice. He has chosen the title Of Two Minds, as he sees himself a “pluralist”. There is the more serious side of the artist who just wants to paint, and the other side that has a need to comment with humor and satire on the absurdities of the world.

The subjects of his paintings are often the “composition of decomposition” found in the New England landscape. He finds a certain beauty and grandeur in the objects left behind that are slowly becoming consumed by nature. His collages, which are seamlessly cut and glued from vintage print materials, mix the imagery of the past with the internal and external dilemmas of today. He does so with wit and poignancy.

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Barbara Sullivan

All the Comforts of Home

Barbara Sullivan has revived the art of fresco to the realm of contemporary art. The technique of making support frames, mixing slaked lime, painting wet plaster, grinding pigments and all the laborious steps required are well suited to this energetic and imaginative artist. Her subjects are ordinary everyday objects: armchairs, pots and pans, chainsaws, food stuff, creatures in nature. They are sometimes presented singularly, other times arranged in groupings or as part of a drawing pinned to the gallery wall. Entering a room filled with these objects is a bit like “stepping through the looking glass,” an experience that is delightful, somewhat unsettling, but always memorable.

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Bob’s Clam Hut is located on Route One, Kittery, Maine. This landmark establishment is also the location of a number of Gordon Carlisle’s murals.