Momentum XIV and Walek

for WEBMay 28 – July 10, 2016

Cheryle St. Onge / Carly Glovinski / Sarah Haskell: Momentum XIV

Michael Walek: Atmosphere

Opening Reception Saturday, May 28, 5-7 pm

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Momentum XIV

Momentum XIV is the annual exhibition that showcases the work of the grantee and finalists of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant. This significant grant provides financial support to individual artists and craft people in our region.

Photographer Cheryle St. Onge is the 2015 recipient of this prestigious award. In her series Natural Findings she focuses her large format camera on simple forms and objects in nature. Much like a naturalist gathering scientific specimens, her photographs capture moments of discovery and wonderment while observing the natural envionment.  Click here to view images

Finalist Carly Glovinski investigates patterns, objects and organizing systems found in everyday life with a mixed media practice heavily rooted in all aspects of drawing. Things are not always as they first appear as she skillfully uses trompe l’oeil techniques to make books, puzzles, chairs and other objects that can’t be read, taken apart, or sat upon.

Finalist Sarah Haskell has a passion for thread, public art and building community through creative endeavors. Her textile artwork explores the cross over between text and textile, investigating the mystery of encoded fabrics and the hidden language of cloth. In her community art projects, she seeks to reveal our common threads as well as those that define our differences.


Michael Walek: Atmosphere


Michael Walek is an artist who travels extensively, from the woods and garden around his York home, to far away places such as Egypt and Portugal. His travels are the central theme of his plein air gouache paintings, a medium that allows his to capture the subtle changes in light and to explore the formal elements of color and texture. Ultimately, it is the color of the atmosphere that drives the direction of each painting.

Click here to read a profile on the artist written by Michael Lohmeier