Drumheller / Saaf & Zanes / Sanborn

October 7 – November 12, 2017

Opening Reception Saturday, October 7, 5-7 pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 1-5 / and by appointment

Click here for a PDF of the invitation

Grant Drumheller: New Perspectives

Grant Drumheller continues his interest in overhead compositions in these recent paintings, most completed during the past year. He is attracted to landscape views that are ‘peopled’ by folks going about their business, whether working, strolling, walking their dogs, digging for clams, sledding in a city park or enjoying a day at the beach. These distinctive bird-eye views, are about the balancing of elements, i.e., spaces to figures, color to tone and warm areas to cool. Whether real or imagined places, they are always lively and inviting. Click here to view images of Grant’s work.

Donald Saaf and Julia Zanes: Folklore

The word “Folklore” applies equally well to the work of Donald Saaf and Julia Zanes, who are married to one another and share an artistic life in rural Vermont. Their work explores the intersection of fine art and folk art. The subject matter of their colorful paintings – often using mix media and collage – reference their local community, family and immediate surroundings but with a sprinkling of fairy dust. They embrace the idea that folktales are a microcosmic mirror of our lives and our bigger stories, that might otherwise by impossible to sum up. Click here to view images of Donald and Julia’s work.

Courtney Sanborn: Narrative Thread

Courtney Sandborn’s embroideries are about personal moments, conversations and events. The settings and characters are metaphorical in nature, and exist in a space born from direct observation and memory. Bright color, bold composition and pattern are the founders of her process. For these narrative scenes she uses imagery from a wide variety of sources ranging from medieval illuminated manuscripts, to the rug designs of Marguerite Zorach. Her compositions are influenced by a rich history of Americana and folk art including hooked rugs, early American needlepoint samplers and vernacular paintings. Click here to view images of Courtney’s work.