Haskell / Duryea / Kernan / Cass / Hayden

May 26 – July 8, 2018

Opening Reception Saturday, May 26, 5-7pm

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 1-5 / and by appointment

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Sarah Haskell: Well Used, Well Loved

”Well Used, Well Loved” is a community art project that explores age, beauty, impermanence and attachment. Participants from around the country were given hand woven dish towels made by Haskell and given “prompts for reflection”. Their responses were written on kozo paper, spun into Shifu thread and then woven into a large four panel piece that measures twelve by six feet.
Sarah will give a gallery talk on Sunday, June 24, 3 p.m.

Lynn Duryea: Clay Forms

Allusion and abstraction are central elements in Lynn Duryea’s work. Her slab-constructed sculptures refer to mechanical, structural and architectural elements, executed in a range of scales, and are the result of considering those forms in their most basic and pared down aspect. The subtle and layered surfaces suggest the effects of weathering and the passage of time.

Catherine Kernan:Woodblock Monoprints

Spanning the years 2010-2018, the pieces in this exhibit represent the arc of Catherine Kernan’s evolution from early explorations of large scale woodcut monoprints with oil based inks to recent work with soy-based inks, including prints from a residency in Venice, Italy. A highlight is the standing screen of sandblasted glass and a unique 360º hinge, a collaboration with Devereux Kernan.

Bill Cass: Selected Prints

My work is allegorical, a visual narrative using symbolic images as its language. The story it tells is of the real and the unseen existing at the same time. I explore the relationship between sleep and wakefulness, the spiritual and the worldly; a kind of surrealism. I derive the images from childhood memories, (including cartoon and comic book imagery from the 50’s and earlier). A little humor doesn’t hurt.

Larry Hayden: Backyard Chickens

Since acquiring six laying hens in 2014, my involvement with our little flock has deepened and overtaken my photography practice. My understanding and appreciation of these creatures has grown and it is my hope that these works will increase everyone’s appreciation of their beauty, their complexity and their consciousness.