Tap Root, Maine Dutch Masters

October 6 – November 11, 2018

Opening Reception Saturday, October 6, 5-7pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10-4 / Sunday 1-4 / and by appointment
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Tap Root – An exhibition inspired by the book
The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

Invited artists include: Sachiko Akiyama, Judith Allen-Efstathiou, Robert Baart, Todd Bezold, Pam J. Brown, Rachel Burgess, Sam Cady, Lucinda Clarke, Peter Dellert, Kate Emlen, Lawrence Elbroch, Victoria Elbroch, William Gotha, Frank Gregory, Carl Austin Hyatt, Nina Jerome, MaJo Keleshian, Susan Lyman, Matthew Meyer, Nathaniel Meyer, K. Min, Margery Thomas-Mueller, Charles Ramsburg, Donald Saaf, Barbara Sullivan, Michael Stasiuk, Sharon Townshend, Michael Walek, Julia Zanes

image: Victoria Elbroch, Layered Understanding, 2018, photopolymer etching, 12” x 11”

Maine Dutch Masters
Jaap Eduard Helder / Simon van der Ven
Jan ter Weele

Jaap Eduard Helder

Jaap Eduard Helder paints for the pleasure of painting. His paintings are a celebration of the mysteries of life, and of the beauty and power of nature. Influenced by the coast; land, ocean, boats and the fishing industry find their way into his paintings with their industrial colors and weather-beaten hulls. Layers of paint that have been scraped and sanded down along with color, line, and textures create images that hover between abstraction and representation. Jaap’s work offers a map of the decisions and revisions that were made during the paintings creative process. Click Here to view images

Simon van der Ven

Today, van der Ven works as a full-time studio artist and part-time educator. “I am drawn to organic forms and patterns, to natural phenomena that the human eye and spirit responds to as both fresh and timeless. Nest, egg, scale, branch, vein, river, bone and stone: As Isamu Noguchi declared, “I keep looking for different ways to say the same thing.” I know I’ve gotten it right, when different people identify a breadth of imagery in the same piece.” Click Here to view images

Jan ter Weele

Jan ter Weele was born in Groningen, Netherlands. In 1940 his family escaped from Holland after it was invaded and occupied. He now lives in Falmouth and has a studio in Portland, Maine. Painting, for Jan ter Weele, is about color, shape, and rhythm. His works depicts real places and are mostly painted on location. Over the years he has returned to these places that preoccupy him, to creating colorful landscapes. In recent years he had begun disassembling the imagery of these places to create abstracts that reflect the colors and patterns of Maine’s landscape. “When I start a painting I do not know where it will take me. When I finally resolve it, I discover what drove me to do it in the first place. I think the sources of painting, and of art generally, are unknown to us. They flow ultimately from the mystic law.” Click Here to view images


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