2019 First Exhibitions

May 25 – July 7, 2019

Opening Reception Saturday, May 25, 5-7pm

Music by Seasmoke

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 1-5 / and by appointment
Click Here for a PDF of the invitation

Imrich / Keen / Williams

Boston artist Steve Imrich and Maine artist Richard Keen paint the landscape based on personal perspectives. Imrich’s aerial vantage point comes from his love of flying. Besides painting, Keen has a business setting and maintaining moorings along the Maine Coast, an activity that influences his imagery and perspective. These perspectives of above and below are complemented by the abstract and architectural forms by ceramic artist Don Williams.

Steve Imrich’s images

Richard Keen images

Michael Palmer – New Work

Artist Michael Palmer has been a central figure in the Ogunquit art scene since the 1960’s always painting as well as running the successful PS Galleries. He currently splits his time between Ogunquit and Key West. Both places are the inspirations for his imaginary bird’s eye views of towns, country and people going about their everyday lives. He also is interested in abstracted views emphasizing form and design and less on content and narrative.

Michael Palmer Images

Jessica Straus – Fiction Follows Function

Jessica Straus is a sculptor from the Boston area. Working primarily in carved and painted wood and incorporating found objects, she explores the poetry of unexpected juxtapositions between recognizable and invented forms. Alternating between narrative and abstraction, Straus’s well crafted sculpture is infused with a quirky, yet subtle, humor and a finely tuned sense of aesthetics. Jessica Straus Images