August /September 2019

August 24 – September 29, 2019

Opening reception Saturday, August 24th , 5-7 pm / Music by Seasmoke

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10-5 / Sunday 1-5 / and by appointment
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Daniel Anselmi

My works on paper and canvas explore the use of paper as an ongoing dialogue between painting and collage. I use painted paper as one would handle a brush to elicit brushstrokes on canvas. Never using the new, I enjoy the felt quality of the discarded: blueprints, old ledgers, chart papers, and used canvas dropcloths are materials that offer an aesthetic conversation with my work. The paint I apply to these various materials, whether in large cut pieces or intimate fragments, and affix to already created surfaces, offers countless opportunities to express color, line, and form. Though sourced materials are not intended to be recognizable in these abstractions, sometimes surface traces remain that become a moment of discovery for the discriminating viewer. 

The works are all untitled. I do not want any references to interfere with or assist the viewer.

Untitled (2-15), mixed media, 40″ x 30″

Sachiko Akiyama

Sachiko Akiyama is an artist who is inspired by a wide range of influences ranging from medieval Christian woodcarvings to contemporary sculpture. Her figures are based on herself and her family including relatives who have passed away. Although her work is very personal and is a combination of memories, family history, dreams and cultural symbols, the sculptures allow for multiple interpretations by the viewers. As explained by the artist herself, “This is what’s behind what may be suggestive titles but that don’t finalize the meaning of the work as much as give cues to the viewer about how to approach the work”.

Bird in Hand, 2007, polychromed wood, 14″ x 11″ x 33″

Paul Bowen

Although Paul Bowen has lived in Vermont since 2005, the sea continues to influence his work. He grew up in a coastal town in Wales and lived for 30 years in Provincetown on Cape Cod. He is interested in collecting and creating with materials that have a history, using scavenged wood that comes from items as varied as parts of a ship to cable drums. Paul merges his current environment in Vermont with Provincetown by creating sculptures that combine salvaged wood from the beaches with beaver chewed wood from a nearby dam. Out of these found materials comes something new.

Salvor, 2013, mixed media, 38″ x 34″ x 6″

Duncan Johnson

Duncan Johnson’s assemblages are created out of that which has been salvaged. Working with reclaimed wood from landfills and construction sites in Vermont, he creates wall sculptures by reassembling the found wood. The pieces that he uses tell a story with their fading paint, nail holes and weathered surfaces. His work contains aspects of sculpture, drawing and painting, and reflect his many interests which range from quilting to architecture. 

Frost Wall, 2019, reclaimed wood, 42″ x 42″

Philip Frey

Philip Frey has a studio along the coast of downeast Maine and his local environment is reflected in his work. With an interest in the working harbors of Maine, he paints from direct observation, focusing on color and light. “Experimentation with unexpected color, assertive shape and multifarious and fearless brushstroke has always been the aspiration of my work” explains Frey. His work straddles the line between representational and abstraction. View Images

Proud to Be, 2019, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″

Scott Schnepf

Scott Schnepf was a professor at the University of New Hampshire from 1981-2015 teaching printmaking, drawing and painting. This exhibit showcases both paintings in gouache and oil as well as woodcut printmaking. Featuring beautifully rendered still lifes of everyday objects and landscapes from overseas, Schnepf’s mastery of the mediums is apparent. His work has been exhibited throughout the country and is in the permanent collection at the Library of Congress, the Currier Art Museum and the Portland Museum of Art.

Postcards, 2018, woodcut, 30″ x 30″