Septmber 12 – October 18, 2020

September 12 – October 18

Visitation is by chance and appointment. To choose an entry time please Click Here to plan your visit. Gallery hours are 10-5 Wednesday – Saturday (closed 12:00-1:00) and 1-5 on Sunday.

Pam Brown

Woven throughout Pam Brown’s sculpture is her interest in the “beauties and tragedies of wildlife and American history”. Brown collects remnants and salvaged materials from abandoned factory sites and then using a process similar to needlework, assembles them. Instead of the traditional fabric and thread, she darns together the found sheet metal with wire. The animal, figure and plant forms that appear to be spontaneous are, in actuality, deliberate and suggestive of craft traditions of the past. Click here to view images.

Gail Spaien

Gail Spaien’s paintings depict an idealized view of home and nature, she paints the world as she would like it to be. Inspired by traditions of yesteryear – American folk art, 16th and 17th century Dutch floral paintings and landscape paintings of the Hudson River School – her depictions are centered around the themes of well-being and mortality. Even with Spaien’s carefully curated idyllic view, reality has a way of finding its way in. Click here to view images.

Julia Zanes

Julia Zane’s work is rooted in storytelling. Through color, collage, and various pictorial devices, the narrative is told. Storytelling is a universal part of our mind’s process and something that runs through our many life experiences. Zane’s work is described as being in the realm of abstraction and surrealism, existing outside of the figurative tradition. The narrative follows her there, into this world outside of the conventional. Click here to view images.

Animalia – Michael Stasiuk

With Michael Stasiuk’s mixed media sculptures commonplace discarded items are given a new life. By combining found materials – mostly wood, metal and fiber – Stasiuk creates playful, nostalgic sculptures. His many years of teaching and collaborating with both children and adults has kept his whimsical sensibilities intact, delighting with the viewer his imagination. Click here to view images.

Quotidian Views, Grant Drumheller

Figures feature prominently in much of Grant Drumheller’s work. His paintings reflect ordinary life by capturing crowds in a city park, fishermen on their boats, people digging for clams, or our quiet domestic life – the private world of a home’s interior. The everyday becomes something to celebrate with this collection of work. Click here to view images.