Toby Gordon – From the Kitchen Table

Many of Toby Gordon’s paintings begin at her kitchen table in an informal, casual kind of way. She creates still lifes, landscapes, and abstract pieces with watercolor, gouache, pen, graphite. These playful, exploratory works on paper often inform what takes place in the studio, where Toby moves between abstraction and representation, between oil, mixed media, and cold wax.

Though she’s lived, worked, and studied on the Maine seacoast for years, her most recent work has been energized by a residency in the Arizona desert and a workshop in North Carolina with the painter, Chris Liberti. Toby finds the physicality of painting to be most compelling: How does a painting surface from beneath its many layers? How does the paint application excite or dampen the work’s energy?

These and other questions continually engage, excite, and drive Toby’s paintings, whether she’s at the kitchen table, the studio, or outside on the coast of Maine.

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